Plant Printing canvas sneakers
Plant Printing canvas sneakers

Plant Printing Old Craft Chunky Canvas Sneaker“Chaos”

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Plant Printing canvas sneakers

Plant Printing Old Craft Chunky Canvas Sneaker“Chaos”

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“Chaos”Plant Printing Old Craft Chunky Canvas Sneaker Description

Retro Old Craft Chunky Canvas Sneaker “chaos”are a true masterpiece that reflects the beauty of the old-fashioned washing process. This canvas shoes collection is all about revealing the signs of aging through its intricate old-fashioned treatment process, making every pair of canvas trainers unique and full of stories.

The process of achieving the perfect denim canvas trainers involves multiple washing techniques and mastering the right skills to achieve the desired result. Hector Maden has taken the challenge of combining art with shoe-making by designing canvas trainers that go beyond the standard logo branding.

Crafted from high-quality canvas, the upper is soft and has an obvious old-fashioned effect. The cotton shoelaces are sparse in density, which enhances permeability and gives the trainers a darker tone. Double ventilation holes on the side of the shoe serve both as decoration and to enhance breathability.

The design team of Hector Maden has traveled around the world to discover the most authentic methods of achieving the perfect old-fashioned canvas trainers. The Japanese sulfide process and the art of aging have inspired Hector Maden to create these unique canvas trainers that surpass the traditional market offerings. The philosophy behind creating canvas trainers with texture and soul has been successfully achieved with the “chaos” Old Craft Retro Canvas sneakers.

The “chaos” canvas trainers are not just shoes, but they represent a journey, a process, and a story that tells the tale of craftsmanship and passion. This shoe collection is a must-have for anyone who appreciates the beauty of old-fashioned artistry and wishes to step into the world with style and comfort.

  • The signs of aging in the details are clearly visible
  • The upper is soft and has an obvious old-fashioning effect
  • Cotton shoelaces are sparse in density
  • Double ventilation holes ,decorative and breathable

Talking about the design of dissolving shoes, players who have entered the pit early may think of the dark pioneer Austrian designer Carol Christian Poell and his personal dark brand CCP   "Object Dyed, No Seam Drip-Rubber" CCP Dissolving Shoes But what we are going to talk about today is another designer. Dissolving, deconstructing, and reorganizing are his usual design elements, and he has a long-term cooperation with PUMA. Speaking of which, some experienced players may have guessed who it is. ? That's Mihara Yasushi Mihara Yasuhiro Mihara Yasuhiro   Mihara Yasushi was born in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan in 1972. His parents were in the art team and his mother was an abstract painter. Later, Mihara also had considerable creative influence when he started to make clothes. Mihara was in the Department of Design (Department of Textiles) of Tama Art University. ) graduated and started making shoes by himself in college.   Tama Academic University is also one of the "Tokyo Five Beauty" universities. The other five are: Musashino Art University, Women's Art University, Nihon University Art Department, Tokyo University of Art and Design. Basically, the Japanese designers who are galloping in the world's fashion and design circles are all born in these five schools. In 1996, he launched his first series "archi doom" with the support of a shoemaker, and then changed his name to "MIHARA YASUHIRO" after Mihara Yasuhiro graduated in 1997, and it changed from series to series. Independent personal brand operation.   Mihara Yasushi also likes to open branches, and each branch maintains a different style. He is also a generalist in design. In this issue, we will not talk too much about other branches, just his main line and design. The thought above is fine. (We will bring some clothes at the beginning, basically talking about shoes) If you want to see other branches, you can go to their official website and official design account to check it out.
The homepage of the official website is also very interesting. The new series and activities are released in the form of pop-up windows in the previous XP system. I like it very much hahaha.    Official Twitter: MIHARAYASUHIRO   INS: miharayasuhiro_official There are a lot of branch accounts, you can find them slowly when the time comes, they are all in their attention So before I talk about his design, let me tell you a little about it. Deconstruction is a design technique:   (Because Mihara Yasushi really likes to use this technique to design things...) Deconstruction: It is a post-modern product, and it is also a common method used by many designers. Japanese designers like this method very much, and because of this method, Japanese designers in the last century have been introduced to the world. Mihara Yasushi can definitely become one of the representatives. (Yoji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo we wrote before are loyal fans of deconstruction) The most obvious feature of deconstructionism is that it is traditional and unconventional. It can be roughly divided into three types: deformation, distortion, hollowing out, and dislocation. 1. Deformation   2. Twisted hollow   3. Splicing dislocation   The core of deconstruction is to express the designer's thoughts and resistance in design, but I personally think that deconstruction is more to express the designer's most intuitive innovative ideas and the most primitive intuitive vision for the clothes he designs. (So you will know that splicing is essentially a style in deconstruction, of course, it does not refer to the splicing of colors...) Let's start with the clothing. Mihara Yasuhiro's clothing design can basically be said to be full of deconstruction. His design of men's clothing and women's clothing can be said to be more neutral. The catwalks are all designed around deconstruction, original and intuitive.        Here I put a few more obvious styles. In 2014, a main line was opened to remake vintage items. All vintage items purchased by "Mihara Yasuhiro Modified" were remade by the Mihara design team.    Vintage (ふるãï¿?:   This term comes from Japan, and generally refers to those old and unique clothes that are unique and no longer produced from the second-hand market. The price has no upper limit and no lower limit. Clothes made will become vintage after 20 years, and this concept is definitely not the meaning of second-hand clothes, don't get confused. In terms of shoes, Mihara Kangyu definitely influenced the pioneering concept of shoe design by many big brands. Mihara relied on his own mastery of deconstruction from the very beginning to create Mihara Kangyu's iconic deconstruction style sneakers. on the world fashion stage.   Mihara's signature deconstructed sneakers After that, in 2000, it launched a special product line "PUMA By MIHARAYASUHIRO" jointly with PUMA. This product line has continued to the present, and the style of this product line belongs to the product line of innovative and experimental taste. (Here Mihara Yasushi joined forces as a designer)   PUMA by MIHARAYASUHIRO Early Products   PUMA by MIHARAYASUHIRO 2012   PUMA by MIHARAYASUHIRO 2014   PUMA by MIHARAYASUHIRO 2015 It was Mihara Yasushi who applied deconstruction to shoes. The NIKE joint series "The Ten", which exploded a few years ago, also borrowed the splicing method in this deconstruction. In 2018, the main line MAISON MIHARA YASUHIRO launched the explosive series "Original Sole", which is also what we call "dissolving shoes"
Mihara Yasushi used the vulcanization of the soles of these sneakers to show an irregular and rough dissolution effect, using what Mihara Yasushi himself said: "Sneakers and footwear are constantly changing as technology evolves, and I want to have a new perspective on shoes and keep myself away from those 'sneaker wars' made by data and big brands, so I'm using Designing in 3D and hand-crafting a precarious prototype out of clay meant I could create more 'emotional' complex expressions."    The design of dissolving shoes is to change the process and method of making sneakers, "destroy the completed works and extend a new concept. To some extent, this is related to my liking for 'unsettled factors'. On the other hand, I am also fascinated by the 'fourth dimension'. The dots connected into a line are two dimensions, like a sheet of paper; the two dimensions are accumulated into three dimensions, such as a book; the three dimensions are superimposed on the time axis, which will catalyze the fourth dimension. So how in the design What about performance? The soles often need to be made before the sneakers go into production, and I'll try to move the time point of making it back."   From a commercial point of view, Mihara Yasushi chose to use sneakers as the bottom plate of this series because of the popularity of street wear in the past two years, and because of his brand's preference for experimental and deconstructed designs, the business road has become
"No matter how good an Asian designer is, his value of existence may be ignored by Westerners. If you want to incorporate Eastern philosophy into design, you must first dismantle Western design concepts one by one, and then rebuild them. This is my preference. The main reason for "deconstruction"."
"PETERSON" OG Sole Paraffin LT Low-top Sneaker

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Chandler A Blondlot
X célebre relación calidad precio

Il n'y a pas de différence de couleur entre les chaussures et les photos, et elles sont très confortables à porter.Les semelles sont très douces, très bonnes, et je les aime beaucoup.

Evan Wallace
very retro

very retro

Page Finn
Great buy

The design of the shoes is great, they are quite versatile, and most importantly, they are very resistant to dirt


かなり個性的。 お気に入り。 よく似合う色

Viollette N Camus

Les chaussures sont superbes et confortables à porter. bons achats